All New Blogging Community Site: Daddyoda!

This blog is so special and will remain close to my heart always. You may have noticed that I wasn’t active on WordPress for a long time. I was in the pursuit of creating something valuable and beautiful in the meanwhile. I always had the dream of building an innovative and valuable product at the … Continue reading All New Blogging Community Site: Daddyoda!

Yours Carefully, #jibberjabber Daily Word Prompt

Life is all about making decisions carefully. The life one is enduring right now is a series of complexly intertwined reflections prompted by the creator, that is YOU.  To get a real-time experience of this cause and effect theory, try out an interactive movie/series on Netflix or any other platform, where the major plot of … Continue reading Yours Carefully, #jibberjabber Daily Word Prompt

Top Ten Rewarding skills to learn during the 2020 Lockdown

Have you been procrastinating all the time during the lockdown? Did you try being productive and failed miserably? Well, to cheer you up I’d say you are not alone. Many people are still stuck in the same situation wondering what lucrative skills to learn during the Pandemic. I have done a lot of research to … Continue reading Top Ten Rewarding skills to learn during the 2020 Lockdown

Top 10 things to keep in mind while Blogging

Blogging can be a great hobby when you wanted to earn money by doing something your passionate about and more importantly doing it on your own terms. Many get intimidated by the thought of starting a blog which on the contrary is a very easy task if you keep some of these tips in your … Continue reading Top 10 things to keep in mind while Blogging

A Short story on Truthfulness

Sneak In Twenty past eight in the blackness of Mid-Town. Andy and Marshall went sneaking into Ron's backyard. "I can't carry this any longer Andy" mumbled Marshall with a strain in his voice. Marshall, Andy's sidekick in High school carried a bucket full of water in one hand and a torch in another. "Only a … Continue reading A Short story on Truthfulness

Discover Prompts, Day 30: Grateful

While I am comfortably sitting home complaining about the restiveness I face, a whole bunch of people - the frontline workers, hospital staff, doctors, government staff, etc are working all day and night countering the global chaos. On the other side my parents, the most fabulous persons I could ever get are still supporting me … Continue reading Discover Prompts, Day 30: Grateful

Discover Prompts, Day 26: Hidden

Charlie trudged the pebbled trail thinking she hasn’t caught anyone’s attention just yet. But, she failed to notice me sneaking slowly a few feet behind her on my toes. Charlie’s behavior had been abnormal lately. She'd started avoiding her meals even when her favorite canned tuna was a part of the recipe. She hardly stays … Continue reading Discover Prompts, Day 26: Hidden